PCSL Minimum Standards


This document is supplementary to the PCSL Rules of Operation and is intended merely as a quick reference guide for member clubs.  It summarizes the minimum standards expected of clubs for ease of reference. Clubs failing to meet all or part of these standards will be subject to sanction by the League.

1. Club Operations

    Each club must be committed to ensuring that the quality of play and overall level of enjoyment for spectators and players alike is maintained at all times.
    Clubs are to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the high level of professionalism required by all League members, and also must not condone or allow its actions, or those of its staff, players or spectators, to bring the League into disrepute.

2. Uniforms

    Each club is required to have a MINIMUM of two separate sets of uniforms. All player uniforms must meet the relevant requirements of FIFA Laws and the PCSL Rules of Operation.
    There shall be five different coloured shirts for every PCSL match: (1) Home team; (2) Away team; (3) Home keeper; (4) Away keeper; and (5) Officiating crew. Scrimmage vests or bibs are not acceptable alternatives.
    The home team and away team must each wear a different colour sock.
    Away team always has choice of colours, and in the event of conflict, home team must change.

3. Grounds

    Each club must provide a home ground that has a high-quality surface: natural grass or modern synthetic turf (such as FieldTurf).
    The field must meet relevant FIFA Laws in terms of size and markings.

    All PCSL grounds must have dressing rooms for each team and the officials, that can be locked and/or secured.
    The grounds must have readily accessible public washroom facilities.
    For evening matches, the ground must have suitable and adequate lighting.

4. Home Club Responsibilities

For each match, the host club is responsible for ensuring and/or providing the following:

    Playing field is to be properly marked and equipped for a match, in accordance with the relevant FIFA Laws.
    Three match-quality, FIFA-approved soccer balls, provided to the match officials prior to the start of the match.
    Access to dressing rooms no later than 1h 15m prior to the scheduled kickoff time.
    Access to field no later than 1h prior to kickoff. In the event that the field is not available by that time, home team must provide an adequate area for the teams to warm up. This is an issue of player safety.
    Water and ice for both teams, located either in the dressing rooms or at the player benches - Recommended supply is 24 bottles (500 ml) of water per team, and one small cooler with ice for each team.
    A matchday program for each game, including in it (but not limited to) the following information: (a) name of teams; (b) team list with proper numbers; (c) the game officials. (Away teams and referee scheduler must provide relevant information to home team in a timely manner to assist with this requirement.)

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