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Initial Game Reports

Referees must report all PCSL scores and goalscorers to the League as soon as possible on the day of the game. It is not necessary to wait until you can complete a full Referee Game Report which is still required but which can follow later. We need game results as soon as possible after you have blown the final whistle please. Initial game reports can be submitted per telephone, fax or e-mail as follows:

Premier Divisions - PCSL Director Bill Gillespie

    Tel: 604-596-7583 (leave a message if necessary, please speak slowly and clearly)
    Fax: 604-596-7575 (please write legibly)

Reserve Divisions - PCSL League Official Phil Fasciglione

    Tel: 604-562-9409 (leave a message if necessary, please speak slowly and clearly)
    Fax: N/A

Whichever communication mode you use, please...

    Identify yourself
    Name the two teams involved and whether it was a premier, reserve, men's or women's division game
    Give the match venue
    The HOME team score and names of scorers
    The VISITING team score and names of scorers
    Any other pertinent information

Written Game Reports

In addition to the above mentioned initial report of game results referees are required to submit a properly completed Referee Game Report for every PCSL game as well as misconduct/carding reports when applicable within twenty-four (24) hours of the game. Online reports are preferred but faxed reports are also acceptable.

Online Reports

    Referee Game Report
    Referee Yellow Card Report
    Referee Red Card Report


All queries regarding referee game and/or misconduct/carding reports for all PCSL divisions should be directed to:

Premier Divisions and all Discipline Issues - Bill Gillespie
Please refer to the PCSL Directory for telephone/contact information.

Reserve Divisions - Phil Fasciglione
Please refer to the PCSL Directory for telephone/contact information.

Referee's Guidelines

    PCSL Rules of Operation: Referees are recommended to familiarise themselves with the relevant sections of the PCSL Rules of Operation.
   1. Prior to kickoff referees must call all players off the field then lead the two teams onto the field of play in an orderly fashion at the centreline. The two teams must then form a single line facing one or other sideline shake hands then take up their starting positions in preparation for kickoff.
   2. Substitutions. Teams in all divisions of the PCSL are permitted five (5) player substitutions during games plus unlimited substitutions at half-time. If a player who has been substituted for earlier in the game returns to the game, then he/she is counted as a change unless that player returns at half time. Each team may dress and include on the team list up to eighteen (18) players for games.
   3. Foul or abusive language: The PCSL has a very clear policy with regards to discipline and particularly will not tolerate the undue use of foul or abusive language on the field of play, by players on the bench and/or by club officials. Discipline guidelines are published on this website under 'Administration > Discipline Guidelines'.
    4. The league official responsible for referees and referee scheduling is Doug Summers. Any referee related questions or concerns should be addressed to Doug Summers. Please refer to the PCSL Directory for contact information.

Yellow Card/Caution Report - 2015


Referee Application

To apply to become a referee or lines person in the league Click Here  
To apply to become a referee or lines person in the league Click Here
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