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2019- Challenge Cup Final Vancouver Tigers vs. Victoria Highlanders FC 5:4
July 28, Centennial Stadium, Victoria

Photos courtesy Kelly Wallace  ©2019 All Rights Reserved.
Reproduction or republication without permission is prohibited.

Welcome to PCSL

The British Columbia based Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL) is an inter-city, and on occasion cross-border adult league with a season that runs typically from May to August. Member clubs are drawn from  cities in the British Columbia interior, the Fraser Valley, the Lower Mainland, and Vancouver Island

Premier Men

- Pool: A
 Khalsa Sporting Club00000000
 Okanagan FC00000000
 Penticton SC Pinnacles00000000

Premier Women

- Pool: A
 Okanagan FC00000000
 Penticton SC Pinnacles00000000


Posted 12/7/2021 Ref # 96

PCSL 2022 AGM .

PCSL 2022  
Date: December 7, 2021

AGM Zoom meeting will be held January 8 / 2022 : 10:00 AM, All teams will be sent an invitation. 

The Pacific Coast Soccer League will open the 2022 Summer season in May /2022

Check out the schedule on our website for the games posted for men and women.

We would like to thank you for your patience, and also thank the Board members for their hard work. 

Reminder: Any teams wishing to join the 2022 season, please contact any board members.

Posted 1/23/2020 Ref # 100

2020 John F Kennedy Cup Tournament, June 6-7th in Penticton

Posted 1/17/2020 Ref # 99

In memoriam

Pacific Coast Soccer League membership were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Phyllis Gillespie, wife of Bill Gillespie, Life Member of the PCSL. We would like to  convey our deepest sympathy to Bill  and family for  their  loss at this time.

Phyllis provided major contributions to the PCSL family for many years. She was always available to help the League when called upon. Her specialty was a hosted barbeque for the PCSL members at the end of each season, and these dinners were always five star and appreciated by all. Likewise, the luncheons she served at the annual PCSL meetings encouraged our membership arriving early  for the meetings. She will be sadly missed by all us at the PCSL.          

Posted 1/13/2020 Ref # 98

2020 John F Kennedy Cup Tournament, June 6-7th in Penticton

Pacific Coast Soccer League is pleased to announce  Penticton  Soccer Club
will be Hosting a  Men's Premier International tournament named the John F
Kennedy Cup Tournament  to be held at  Kings Park Penticton, BC., 2020, June 6th/7th

Originating  in 1960 the John F Kennedy trophy ( Kennedy Cup) was born out of an idea to have the annual international Championship which would be played for by top caliber representative men amateur soccer teams from Canada USA and Mexico. The Trophy remains unique even today in that it
is the sole sporting  award  to which the late US President ever lent his name.
When the tournament was inaugurated in 1961,  the late  President Kennedy, recognizing the physical requirements in the sport of soccer, gave his name to the trophy in connection with his physical fitness campaign. Mexico participated from 1961 to 1966, but  in 1989 the PCSL revised the tournament format with Washington State. Oregon State and the Pacific Coast League as the participants. Three leagues alternate the running of the event each year, and this year, Washington State will be represented by Washington league Champions Washington Premier FC. Oregon State will be represented by the current holders of the JFK cup,  IPS Marathon Taverna.

The PCSL will be represented by the 2019 Shelia Anderson Memorial Cup Champions, Vancouver Tigers FC., and  Okanagan United Selects, which will include players  from Kamloops, Kelowna and Penticton.
The Pacific Coast Soccer League encourage everyone to take the opportunity to attend  this International event  on the June 6th/7th weekend of 2020 at Kings Park, Penticton, BC. The Penticton SC is sponsoring the event and they have been members of the Pacific Coast Soccer League for many years participating and promoting Adult Soccer in their community. We wish to thank them for making this event possible, and for  bringing this International event to the Interior of British Columbia for the first time.

PCSL President

Dave Collard



Posted 10/17/2019 Ref # 97

Chris Bennett

Over many years the PCSL has been an important venue for some of Canada's most talented soccer players to show their abilities. Just a note of interest, one of the Coaches of the Penticton PCSL team in 2019 was Chris Bennett.
Chris has had a long association with the PCSL and has been inducted to both the  Canadian
 and BC Soccer Hall of Fame.
He was an original member of the North American Soccer League’s Vancouver Whitecaps in 1974 and enjoyed a lengthy run as a member of the Canadian national team. He spent 12 years as a coach with the Canadian Soccer Association and in 2004 led the Whitecaps to the North American Women’s League title.