Clubs wishing to Join

Clubs Wishing to Join the PCSL


Clubs wishing to join the PCSL must submit a written application.  Clubs may also be required to make a short (10 minute) oral presentation to the league directors.

The written application and presentation should cover the basics but as a minimum we recommend it include:

  • a brief description of your club/organisation and written commitment of support from the organisation's executive (if that is not the group making the presentation)
  • your objective for joining the PCSL,
  • which division(s) you wish to enter teams in,
  • team administration, personnel and resources,
  • an outline budget including sources of funding - you can use the current PCSL schedule as a basis for travel and subsistence estimates but we recommend you also provide for at least one two day overnight visit to the interior (Kelowna/Penticton/Kamloops) plus one visit to Victoria, possibly including an overnight stay depending upon your division - actual travel requirements will only be known once the participating clubs for your debut season are confirmed.
  • your home field options and availability - good quality natural grass or artificial turf is acceptable - lockable changerooms and public washrooms are an absolute minimum requirement,
  • your club's commitment to meeting the overall standards and expectations of the PCSL. Refer as a minimum to the summary of PCSL minimum standards available on the league website,
  • confirmation that you have read and will abide by the PCSL Rules of Operation as published on the league website.
  • your longer term plans and objectives involving the PCSL, whether it is your intention to enter the premier division and when.

An elaborate presentation is not required, a relatively informal conversational style is all that is expected. This also provides an opportunity for the PCSL directors to meet the key members of the applicant club's organisation and to answer any outstanding questions the club may have and vice versa.

The date and venue for such a presentation will be communicated to aspiring PCSL member clubs upon receipt by the League of a written application as described.

In addition to the above, new teams applying for PCSL membership must complete the online League Registration Form available under the Administration menu button on the League website.

On approval of a new team PCSL membership, payment of PCSL membership fees is required by said team in full at the AGM.

Useful information for New Applicants includes the following important PCSL documents that are all routinely available on the PCSL website under the Administration menu button.  These documents would include:

January 2014