Rules for Participation

Participation in Provincial A Cup Tournaments

PCSL Rules Regarding Participation in Provincial A Cup Tournaments

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  •     Only British Columbia based PCSL teams are eligible to represent the PCSL in Provincial Cup Tournaments. Teams from the United States of America are not eligible.
  •     Berth(s) in Provincial Cup Tournaments are based upon league standings.
  •         The top ranked BC PCSL team(s) will be given the opportunity to declare for the Provincial Cup and must declare their intentions to the PCSL Directors by August 15th
  •         If the top ranked BC team does not wish to take the spot, the next highest ranking BC team will be offered the opportunity and so on.
  •     It is the goal of the PCSL to have declared their representatives for the Provincial Cup Tournaments by August 15th.  This will allow winter teams to be aware that players they might sign may have the possibility of playing in the Provincial Cup Tournament with a PCSL team.
  •     The PCSL Directors reserve the right to change the team representing the PCSL if the preceding clause is not followed.
  •     All current British Columbia Soccer Association rules for Provincial Cup play regarding player transfers and player eligibility will apply.