Pacific Coast Soccer League

PCSL President Len McAdams - 2003 BCSA Award of Merit Recipient

Vancouver, BC
December 9 , 2003

Pacific Coast Soccer League

If ever one needs to find a person passionate about and dedicated to the game of soccer, one need look no further than Len McAdams of the Pacific Coast Soccer League. During his twenty-year tenure as president of the PCSL Len has steadily and wisely built the Coast League into the only high level inter-city league for men and women in the Pacific Northwest, with member clubs from Kamloops, the Lower Mainland, Washington and Oregon.

Born and bred in Ireland, the game of football was not foreign to Len although his preference at grammar school was rugby he will admit. He immigrated to Canada in 1953 and began what would become a forty-two year career as an aircraft engineer. In ’58 he married Yvonne who has been by his side offering encouragement and support ever since.

It was through his involvement as a founding director of Club Ireland that Len’s long association with the Pacific Coast League began. With his right-hand man Jacques Moon, Len worked hard in the early years to develop the solid financial footing and high standing the League enjoys today. Len was instrumental in the establishment of Seaman’s Park which was extensively used by the PCSL and others in years gone by. He resurrected the John F. Kennedy Cup tournament between the PCSL and the top clubs from Washington and Oregon – a tournament which originally had also included California and Mexico.

Len McAdams

The Kevin McAdams Memorial Cup for the parallel women’s tournament is named after Len and Yvonne’s youngest son, a talented soccer player in his own right.

Not one to seek the limelight, much of Len's work is done quietly in the background. His wisdom and stewardship have benefited hundreds of elite players, coaches and fans over the years. Many PCSL alumni have gone on to play internationally and professionally with the PCSL having played an important part in their development. It’s time that we, the soccer community for whom he has toiled so long, so hard and so effectively, recognize and honour his contribution with a BCSA Award of Merit.

Thank you Len.


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