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Posted 2/10/2018 Ref # 75

2018 J.F.Kennedy Cup

Last played in 2014, the Kennedy Cup competition has been scheduled for May 19th and 20th, 2018 in Vancouver between two BC teams and two Oregon teams.
Posted 1/18/2018 Ref # 74

Greetings to all Pacific Coast members

Many thanks to the Clubs that attended the recent Dec.9th. 2017AGM. With only 115 days to the start of the PCSL 2018 season,  I am pleased to report that the League will be introducing an on-line
payment system this season. Team registration is up and running on the Website and you can pay on-line using e-transfers or a credit card. If you have any problems or questions about team league fees please contact League Treasurer, Christina Leonard, at
Once your team is registered, player key codes will be distributed by February 20, 2018. Player registration will open February 20, 2018 and this year there will not be physical paper cards, but virtual online cards which you will need to show on your smartphone to the referee. Printed team rosters will still be required. The website will post more information about this process as we near the season opening. If you have questions or queries, please contact Phil Fasciglione at

 Players will not be able to register online without their team codes, so teams are encouraged to register early.  Permit players will also have to register online this year, there will be no more paper permits.
As soon as Teams have registered on-line, the League will prepare a balanced 2018 Game Schedule. Please forward 2018  scheduling  requests  ASAP to Joe Hrgovic at

Your cooperation is much appreciated in working with us to ensure the success of the Leagues new on-line payment system. Thanks for your support and looking forward to seeing you all during the season.
Dave Collard, President

Posted 9/14/2017 Ref # 72


2017 AGM. PCSL
Clubs please ensure that your club attend the meeting.
 Date. Saturday, December 9th. Place  Clubhouse.
15860 82nd Ave Surrey BC.V4N OS8. Time.1.00 PM. Clubs please ensure your

 The Agenda will include a complete report on the
PCSL2017 Season. Clubs input is requested to discuss the upcoming PCSL2018

Posted 8/28/2017 Ref # 65

Challenge Cup Most Valuable Player 2017

Posted 7/30/2017 Ref # 71

Vancouver United win 2017 Challenge Cup