Posted 5/31/2017
Welcome to 2017 Season


Pacific Coast Soccer League. Welcome Vancouver. Thunderbirds. Vancouver United. Port Moody. Khalsa Sporting. Victoria Highlanders, Penticton. and Mid-Island. to the 2017 Season. Teams will play a balanced schedule.

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Pacific Coast Soccer League.  Welcome  Vancouver. Thunderbirds.Vancouver United.  Port Moody. Khalsa Sporting.  Victoria Highlanders, Penticton.and Mid-Island. to the  2017 Season. Teams will play a balanced schedule.

The top 4 Teams at the conclusion of regular play will play  for the Sheila
Anderson Memorial Challenge Cup on the July.29/30 weekend. Venue  to be
 The 2017 opened at Thunderbird Stadium with an exciting game between
Vancouver Thunderbirds & Port Moody SC., resulting in a 3-3 tied game.
League Officials  have attended all games played in the month of May and they have been impressed with quality of play & teams player discipline.
The league is making every effort to provide top Game Officials but please
contact Doug Summers Head Referee if you have any questions or comments.
A reminder that Phil Fasciglione requires Teams Managers  cooperation with Players
Registrations. This is ongoing problem with  the many  obstacles we have
to overcome with BCSA. Please forward Player Registration Payments for those players that have not been registered with a BCSA affiliated league in the winter season.  Also clubs should make sure their League Fees to the PCSL are paid to Treasurer, Joe Hrgovic. The League Website and Facebook page are available to all teams to submit game pictures, reports and any related soccer news. Good luck to all the teams in the 2017 season.